Micrōb X for Multi-Surfaces is our most versatile formulation for both indoor and outdoor surfaces.  It’s your best and longest-lasting defense against harmful microbes, germs and, and also from natural occurring grime that holds dirt on your surfaces.

Micrōb X for GlassDefense is specially formulated to attack and breakdown naturally occurring grime, oils and other bio-matter that holds dirt and dust to your glass surfaces & solar panels that vastly limits clarity and efficiency.

Micrōb X ShingleDefense is specifically formulated to protect asphalt shingles from staining and aging.  Your roof is often the most visible part of your house, and when it becomes discolored, stained, streaked because of age and accumulation of environmental elements resting there, it can greatly diminish the largest asset you own.

Micrōb X High Performance is our strongest formulation.  It contains the highest concentration of Titanium Dioxide, which provides extra photocatalytic cleaning power.  This extra dose of Titanium Dioxide which carries a natural white, translucent hue, makes High-Performance the perfect, long-lasting cleaning solution for indoor and outdoor white surfaces, such as medical facility walls and ceilings, agricultural grow rooms, white building facades, and any white surface. 

Micrōb X for Outdoor Surfaces is specifically formulated to keep surfaces clean that are exposed to the outdoor elements.  It’s your best and longest-lasting defense against microbes, mold, fungus, germs and naturally occurring oils and grime that hold dirt and cause ugly streaking on your surfaces.

Micrōb X for Artificial Grass Surfaces is specifically formulated to protect your guests, athletes, staff and even pets who compete or recreate on your artificial sport fields, play grounds, green spaces, residential turfs or dog parks.

Micrōb X Base Coats provide the ultimate primer coat for non-porous surfaces, and the best penetrating sealer for porous surfaces prior to applying the appropriate Micrōb X protection to your indoor or outdoor surface.


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