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Welcome to EnVont

EnVont offers world-class nanotechnology based materials and coatings, focused on protective thin films, smart coatings and multi-functional particles. Our high-performance technologies can be customized to accommodate customer needs and meet specified requirements. We enter into research and development partnerships to deliver customized solutions that ensure mutual success.

EnVont brings innovative solutions creating advanced technologies, while providing environmentally friendly materials essential for a more productive, safer and healthier environment for people around the world.

EnVont produces state-of–the–art materials with greater overall chemical and physical properties available for today's marketplace. These materials address environmental and health issues facing the world now, while providing the platform to customize solutions to meet industry needs today and in the future.

EnVont technologies open up new opportunities in nanotechnology and material science to address the challenges we face today. Our mission is to use EnVont's proprietary technology platform to take advantage of nanotechnology and develop innovative solutions in global industries.

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