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Delivering Solutions For The World We Live In.

Our Company

EnVont’s focus is to provide industries and consumers worldwide with innovative products and advanced materials that address needs in today’s marketplace. We are committed to developing value added solutions for our customers utilizing our technology platform. Giving you the ability to:

Reduce your costs

Reduce hazardous materials and waste

Develop new advanced green technologies to fit your needs

Improve performance of existing coating and composite materials

Expand/Introduce new products to compliment your existing ones

Create new sales opportunities in already established markets

EnVont delivers products that improve many existing coatings, surfaces and composite technologies. Simply put we compliment and make existing technologies better. Whether your need is an environmentally green based material, protective film, smart coating or functional particle, we at EnVont have the solution.

Headquartered in Bonita Springs, Florida, EnVont is a leading nanotechnology company with our success tied hand in hand with our customers and those we work with. Servicing our customers and providing leading edge technology at an affordable cost while meeting health, safety and environmental standards is our top priority. EnVont will utilize its growing proprietary technology platform and capabilities to efficiently bring to market current and next generation technology, which will truly make a difference in the way we live.

Innovation That Meets Sustainable World Needs

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